Backwards Messages on Albums Lure the Weak to a Music Festival in Hell

We’ve all heard the stories – rock bands have been hiding backwards messages in their songs for decades. At least since The Beatles led millions of teens to drugs and sex, many bands have been inserting “hidden” backwards messages on their albums to ensnare the souls of their fans for Satan.

It’s common knowledge that the act of a diamond tipped needle rubbing the wrong way on vinyl releases any Demonic Energies contained within, and those messages are then sent forth to destroy and enslave the souls of feeble-minded rock and roll fans.

Let’s examine, and try to ferret out the messages some of these Satanic rock bands have unleashed upon our world.

1. The B-52’s –  It’s commonly known that big hairdos are one method Satanists use to identity each other, and the overtly demonic band The B-52’s were definitely no strangers to back masking on their albums.

On the song “Detour Through Your Mind” from 1985’s “Bouncing off The Satellites” album they hid the following grim message:

“I buried my parakeet in the backyard. Oh no, you’re playing the record backwards. Watch out, you might ruin your needle.”

Clearly, this song speaks of an animal sacrifice, and warns listeners that they might ruin their “needle,” either a command to do heroin, or a cryptic reference to ruining their souls.

2.  The Bloodhound Gang – With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that this band would put a backwards message on their “One Fierce Beer Coaster” album. On the song “Lift Your Head up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)” their evil is revealed with these words:

“Devil Child will wake up and eat Chef Boyardee Beefaroni.”

The members of this band obviously work at some sort of Satanic daycare service, or are the cooks for one. They will be feeding Satan’s kid some hellish pasta dish when he wakes from his nap.

3. The Electric Light Orchestra –  Fruity orchestral band “E.L.O.” proved that they will be playing in Lucifer’s symphony when they recorded a hidden message on the song “Fire on High” off of 1975’s “Face The Music” album. When played in reverse, the band reveals the following:

“The music is reversible, but time (violin part) is not. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!”

Another warning perhaps. After telling their listeners to listen to the music in reverse – diabolical since they have already done so if they’re hearing this warning – they warn that it’s too late to turn back after your soul is in Hell with the devil and his fiery torment.

By the time any E.L.O fans received this message, they were already consigned to the bottomless pit of Hell’s ninth level and didn’t even know their fate had been sealed.

4. Green Day – Long the poster boys for rebelling against…something…this pop trio finally tipped their Satanic hand on the 2009 release “21st Century Breakdown.” On their song “East Jesus Nowhere” a hidden message awaits:

“Second guess me, don’t test me.”

Considering that it is in a song mentioning the Savior by name, it can only mean that the band and all of their listeners fall short of passing the “test” that God will be giving them. And the penalty for failing is eternity in a slime-filled cave where multi-cocked demons will sodomize the damned endlessly, while Green Day’s music is played in the background forever.

5. Insane Clown Posse – This evil duo makes music almost entirely geared to the intellectual level of a mentally challenged 14 year old boy. Slathered in hideous clown makeup, they lead an enormous cult of revolting sub humans called “Juggalos,” and it’s clear those folks are all degenerate Devil Worshippers.

On their album “The Amazing Jeckel Brothers,” the demonic clowns put a backwards message that says:

“Fuck the Devil! Fuck that shit! We believe in life legit. If you diggin’ what we say, why you throw your life away?”

The answer to this contradictory message is simple. I.C.P. fans threw their lives (and immortal souls) away the moment they bought an “Insane Clown Posse” album. The monstrous rappers yell “Fuck the Devil!” but it’s the Devil that will be fucking their fans for eternity.

6. The J. Geils Band – the same band that brought the world “Centerfold,” a song about sexual deviancy and pornography, showed a willingness to communicate with their fans via back masked messages on their albums. The 1980 record “Love Stinks,” has a song called “No  Anchovies Please” where this nightmarish line is hidden:

“It doesn’t take a genius to tell the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.”

No, no it doesn’t. Sadly, when the J. Geils Band and their fans are floating together in the Lake of Fire, the only thing that will be on Hell’s cafeteria menu will be chicken shit salad sandwiches. No fries either.

7. Oasis – A band held together by the shared hatred of two egotistical brothers, and their shared love of Beelzebub. Anyone with the misfortune of actually listening to an Oasis album is obviously already living life in a type of Hell, but the band intends for that infernal concert to continue forever. The back masked message that spell out their real intent:

“All my people right here right now… Do you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah.”

The “Here” being spoken of is an eternity of torment in The Devil’s Kingdom, with Oasis providing the soundtrack.

These are but a tiny percentage of overtly Satanic rock bands that have tried to rope in their mindless fans for a never ending concert of horror in the Abyss. Their methods are many, but carefully placing these backwards messages into the grooves of their rock and roll albums, is one way to capture the weak for Satan and his Demons.

The only way to avoid such a fate is to burn those rock and roll records and denounce a Satanic lifestyle. No sex before marriage either! You have been warned.


The Wizard of Rock.


The Satanic Wizard of Rock

Sometimes I think about what I would do if I was an Evil Wizard with unlimited magical power. What would I do with those dark forces?

The answer is simple:

I would trap people that displeased my inside musical recordings for years at a time… Eternity in some cases. Now, this would not be a simple case of being stuck in their own normal existence with some omnipresent soundtrack playing in the background. I think almost anyone could adapt to that. No, this curse would alter their word on a fundamental level, shaping every aspect of their experiences.

So Mr. 70s Blues Rock lover… Cross THIS wizard, and prepare yourself for a lifetime of horror inside “Kissing to be Clever” by Culture Club… Ms. Pretentious goth Queen, I’m excited to announce that you’ll be spending a decade inside a Molly Hatchet album!

Like synth pop a lot? Welcome to your new home inside Slayer’s “Reign in Blood”!

Any enemies with unknown musical preferences would just get sent to live in “Workingman’s Dead” by The Grateful Dead. Yeah, a small percentage of them might love that, but most people would be praying for the sweet and merciful release of death after a year or so.

So watch out! This Wizard might get even more creative if pushed…